Eliminates Costly Maintenance

Top Mount │ Easy Installation │ Compatible w/ Most Drains

Prevents Buildup of Debris

Internal roof drains or scuppers on flat roof systems require costly, regular maintenance to keep them clear and draining properly. When it comes to clogged roof drains, a proactive maintenance program can save the building owner considerable money from drains not draining properly. Automated, continuous clearing of the area around the roof strainer obviates the need for regular manual roof drain maintenance. This saves building owners time and labor costs, as well as helps prevent the damaging consequences of debris build up and all of the associated detrimental effects like leaks, structural impairment etc.

Get Roof Drain Butler™

The last roof drain you'll ever need.

The Roof Drain Butler™ attaches to a roof strainer and continuously clears away debris with its brushes, preventing the drain from clogging.
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The Drain Butler Advantage

Easy to Install

No experience required.

Wide Compatibility

Install on an existing strainer or new one.

Efficient & Economical

Requires only infrequent battery changes.

Preventative Benefits

Insurance may cover initial cost/rates.
  • Eliminates the constant manual cleaning around drains
  • Easy DIY Kit
  • Durable 3-D printed assembly